HR rewired is a HR consultancy that specalises in anti-racism and advancing racial equity.

We are on a mission to unlock over one million global conversations about race by 2025.  

We believe you cannot fix what you don't understand and you cannot solve what you don't talk about.

In addressing systemic racism in the workplace, accomplished HR strategist Shereen Daniels pulls no punches.

Her direct, yet compassionate and uncompromising approach to anti-racism has seen her recognised as a LinkedIn Top Voice in 2020 and 2022, winner of HR Magazine's Most Influential Thinker 2021 and officially badged a LinkedIn Influencer in 2022.

Ms Daniels is called upon as the go-to personality on both sides of the Atlantic for tackling the complex, nuanced and often uncomfortable dialogue surrounding racism across entertainment, music, fashion, luxury lifestyle, radio, and TV.

Drawing on her professional experience as Managing Director of HR rewired and Chair of the African Diaspora Economic Inclusion Foundation, Daniels is now broadening her already extensive global reach with the release of her book The Anti-Racist Organization: Dismantling Systemic Racism in the Workplace.

An essential read for business leaders, the book is an illuminating and honest exploration that contextualises the mechanisms of systemic racism in the workplace and shares practical frameworks to accelerate racial equity in business.

On release in May 2022, Daniels’ book consistently hit no.1 spots in Amazon’s Hot New Release, HR Training, Organisational Theory and Behaviour and Discrimination and Racism categories.

A gifted speaker, educator, leader and strategist, Daniels continues to capture audiences across platforms. Via HR rewired TV, her podcast Advancing Racial Equity 4.0, and Advancing Racial Equity: Moving Beyond The Conversations conferences, she’s driving the anti-racism conversation forward and into our offices, factories, retail spaces - and homes - with real momentum.

And Daniel’s determination to promote fundamental change in our working lives doesn’t stop there. As a supporter of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – 17 Goals to transform our world, she is focused on driving sustainable economic growth, reduced inequalities and providing equitable employment opportunities for all.

To find out more about her work visit www.shereen-daniels.com

ADVANCING RACIAL EQUITY: Turning The Page is an international conference for over 1,000+ leaders, HR and DEI professionals.

A thought-provoking space to learn and share the latest insights and strategies for advancing racial equity in the workplace.


The Advancing Racial Equity Conference is virtual so attendees can access from the comfort of their own homes.

There will be live captioning for each of the keynotes, panels and workshops and there are a number of different languages available.  Attendees will be offered the option to choose which language they would like to see as live captions and we will do our best to accommodate all requests.

If there are any other adjustments you feel we could make, we'd love to hear form you.  Do drop us a line at info@shereen-daniels.com

All content will stream in BST timezone.

The platform will be live 24 hours prior to the 21st February 2023 so you have time to familiarise yourself with the platform and visit some exhibitors.


We are always updating the conference website so this is a good place to revisit.  However in addition, we also email periodic updates so make sure you add hello@hr-rewired.com to your safe sender list so our emails won't end up in your spam folder!

For promotional purposes we will stream the first hour to LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. 

However, to ensure we provide value to attendees who have purchased tickets, we will not be streaming the event live. 

Basically, if you're not on the list, you can't get in! 



Yes we can make this happen for you provided you contact us up to 5 working days before the event. 

We will just need your ticket reference number and the first name, surname and email address of the person you would like to transfer your ticket to.

Your ticket is designed to allow only one person to access the platform at a time.  You will not have the ability to share your ticket with anyone else.

Tickets are only refundable within 24 hours of purchasing, provided you haven't already used your ticket to log in to the platform.

After that, all tickets are non-refundable.


We have a limited number of sponsorship opportunities available and they are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Do get in touch via hello@hr-rewired.com and we can provide an update with what we have that's available.

Yes of course. If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch via hello@hr-rewired.com and we can take it from there.